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Christian is a startup consultant + coach + helps startups in the continent build people; as Lead Partner for BlueSense Project - an organisation focused on strategy, analytics + advisory for startups; he + his team help build teams to work seamlessly, analyse (through concrete research), the best strategies for growth and advise startups on how to effectively improve human energy + grow market share in the continent.


As an independent thinker who is naturally inquisitive, he is not timid about challenging old ideas. Garnering 7+ years of leadership expertise, he is very passionate about building businesses through a concrete advisory approach that is appreciable in these tough economic climate. Harnessing ideas with his team, he has helped bring firms from wrangling revenues to steady growth.


He has also given a TEDx talk on the need for 'ego-free' leadership in Nigeria + an LBS research presentation on servant leadership. He also served on the board of Pilton Health Community Project in Edinburgh for 2years - managing the organisation's £500,000 annual budget.

Christian enjoys playing his cello, yoga, cycling, photography + cooking.

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