People come to me as a life coach for a variety of reasons; they don’t like their job; they feel stuck in life / a bad relationship; they are crippled by fear, social comparison or negative mindsets; they know that they are not living an authentic / full life; they make decisions based on what other people think and expect of them; they care too much about being liked by everyone - one client recently told me, “I feel like a shadow version of who I know I really am – I just don’t know how I got here;” so hey – we’re all much more similar than we realise.


In the two one-hour introductory sessions - we’ll start with talking about the things that are bothering you currently (if any) + what you’ll need to change + how you want to go about changing them - first. After we’ve begun unlocking these - we’ll look at five elements in your life: i. Vision ii. Strategy iii. Mindset iv. Skillset v. Energy

Get in touch via our contact page to set-up a session. 

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