3 Simple Techniques for Building Great Culture

In the book - The Culture Code: Daniel Coyle outlines three simple techniques for building great culture: arguing that: “Great cultures are formed + sustained not by the skills of individual members, but by the relationships between members. Here's how we achieve this:

i. Establish Purpose: Culture focused organisations use stories to reinforce their purpose + shared values. By constantly reminding teams about the mission, vision + values - in line with the teams’ goals + priorities; teams develop a clear sense of direction. This makes work seem lighter + team bonding + collaboration - smoother.

ii. Build Safety: Great teams have an intimate bond that signals to each team member that they are safe. This is achieved by creating a clear sense of belonging, risk-sharing, open debate/communication + a strong willingness to learn.

Our decisions + our responses are often dependent on what we pick up from our social environment; rather than the facts being communicated. When teams feel safe + connected, they are no longer concerned about self-protection + bond together - creating stronger ties + a stronger unit.

iii. Share Vulnerability: In teams were there is a strong bond, teammates share vulnerability + show their weaknesses; giving each other brutally honest feedback + truths; which in-turn creates builds a solid foundation of trust.

Asking your teammate for help - helps build trust + cooperation. It lets the teammate giving the help, put their guard down + also builds trust in the teammate receiving the help.

Peter Drucker notably said - “Culture eats strategy for breakfast;” understandably: we would have to build a conducive environment for strategy to thrive.

If you take the time, resources + tenacity to build a robust culture, you can remarkably influence your team to be happier, more engaged + in-turn, more productive.

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