First Online Course - Fire Safety in the Workplace (Online Course)

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This course is designed in an active presentation format that meets the UK Safety 2005 guidelines + that will engage and walk the student through the technical aspects of fire safety with a hands-on approach.

At the end of this course, you will be able to effectively understand how to prevent fire in the workplace, how to evacuate your teammates effectively + what to do if you ever find yourself trapped in a fire.

We designed this course for the young professional who wants to improve their fire safety acumen, improve safety at their offices + improve their chances of survival in the case that there is ever a fire outbreak in their working environment.

We look forward to you enrolling on the course + welcome any feedback you may have for us afterwards.

What you’ll learn:
The causes of fire
The means of fire prevention
The anatomy of a fire extinguisher
The principles of fire safety
The right way to fight fire
Safety inspections
The behaviour of fire in buildings
Evacuation techniques
Designing + building evacuation plans
What to do if trapped in a fire
There are no course requirements/prerequisites?